• ✔ Birth/Death
  • ✔ Marriage/Divorce
  • ✔ Place Of Burial
  • ✔ Immigration Documents
  • ✔ Articles
  • ✔ Photos
  • ✔ Past Addresses
  • ✔ And Much More

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Examples of information you will find when you do a genealogy research:

  • Birth And Death Records
  • Place Of Burial
  • Immigration Documents
  • Articles From Newspapers
  • Photos
  • Past Addresses
  • Marriage And Divorce Records
  • Property Records
  • Military Records
  • Local And National Genealogical Documents
  • ... And Much More


Discover Who Your Ancestors Were At searchusapeople.com
Maybe you have been trying to find your ancestry on many search engines and you might have had thousands of search results. You may find out that most of these results did not apply to your genealogy.

Well, that’s one of the problems a lot of people face when they make use of incompetent search company. Searchusapeople.com helps to solve this problem by using more complex ways of looking for your ancestors that will provide you with better results.


One of the major problems of using many search engines for genealogy research is the fact that many last names are common. Taking for instance the last name of "search" using search genealogy would result in thousands of search results. So the first list of displayed result might be the best, but you might miss some relevant results because there are so many. We are aware of this at searchusapeople.com so we suggest the best patterns or combinations of names to minimize the number of results in order to provide you with the most relevant and better results.