State and National Criminal Databases Coverage

Every state has different rules about who can access criminal records. Some states in the USA do not permit access to certain types of criminal records. Not all searches will return full reports of all records there are about a person. The larges and the closest thing the USA have to a national criminal records database is the FBI National Crime Information Center (NCIC). It is only available to law enforcement and to different criminal justice agencies. Visit Infotracer to see available criminal records State by State.

Public Information But Not Always Easy To Access

The records are public information but in some states and counties it is not always easy to access them. There are still agencys out there that are stuck in the paper age. Most records online from State and federal law enforcement agencies will contain basic information and nearly all states will supply the same information such as crimes committed, arrest records, convictions, date and court of conviction, height, weight, name, and date of birth.