Mon, 28 Apr 2014

The Taxicabs of NYC

What would be a better way for people to travel along the busy streets of the NYC but through its taxicabs? If you are planning to ride some of them yourselves, here are some tips to help you be familiar with the taxicabs of New York City.

The Minimum Fare Of The Taxicabs of NYC Is $2.50

Hailing a cab is pretty simple. You just have to hold out your hand in the middle of road to call out one. However, there are a few things which people may need to familiarize before taking on the taxicab.

First, the minimum fare of the taxicabs of NYC is $2.50, with additional charges of $0.50 for every half a mile. Aside from that, there may also be additional special charges such as night-time surcharge of $0.50 if you are riding between 8PM and 6AM and an additional $1.00 of charge during peak hours. Thus, it would be wise to remember that it would be quite more affordable if you ride on a taxi as a group, since the fare is metered, and no there are no additional charges for additional people.

Taking that into consideration, even if it is more convenient to ride as a group, be sure to note the passenger limits. They usually have a four-people passenger limit for normal taxicabs and a five-people passenger limit for the bigger cabs, which looks more like a minivan. Children below 7 may be allowed to be added in the passenger count, for as long as it sits on another passenger's lap.

The Taxicabs Of NYC Now Comes In Two Different Colors

You might also notice that since August of 2013, the taxicabs of NYC now comes in two different colors - one is yellow, and the other one is green. The Yellow Cabs, also called as the Medallion Taxis, are the regular cabs, which may take the passengers anywhere in the city. The Green one, on the other, is only limited to Brooklyn, Upper Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island. These are called as the Boro Taxis. Though they charge the same scheme of fare, it would be better to know the distinguishing factors between them.

How The Lights Above The Taxi Cab Works

A lot of people have encountered situations wherein they tried to hail a cab, but then it ignored their call and just drove by. Here, people might have not considered how the lights above the cab were turned on. This light mechanism actually has a standard, which tells the people if that taxi is available or not. If the lights are not turned on, this means that someone has already hire the cab and it is now bringing these people to its destination. If all of the parts are lit, it means that the cab is off-duty, and cannot deliver you at this moment. What you need to look for is cab where only the center, which contains the medallion number, is lit. This means that the cab is available.

The New York City Taxi And Limousine Commission

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the great New York City taxicabs, you may address them to the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC), for they are the people managing the whole structure of the taxicab industry in the metro.

The taxicabs of New York City - bringing people along NYC conveniently.