Thu, 28 Nov 2013

Thanksgiving In The Past

Thanksgiving Day has been a part of the American history. Since 1863, it has become an annual holiday in the US. The history of Thanksgiving Day that was commonly accepted and most widely circulated view by the Americans was the 1621 Plymouth thanksgiving, a feast that lasted for three days to celebrate its good harvest.

But contrary to this well-known belief, the feast celebrating a bountiful harvest had existed long before the settlers or Pilgrims arrived in America. However, it is true that these settlers celebrated a feast to give thanks in the first year of their settlement in the new land.

Thanksgiving and Praise

Thanksgiving Day is considered as one of the warmest and largest holidays in the United States. The origin and history can be traced way back in centuries. There is a conflicting Thanksgiving observance history, though all of which bear a similarity to the modern celebration. It was once celebrated every 4th of November until 1863.

The history of Thanksgiving Day that every American family celebrates it on every 4th Thursday of November can be traced back during the Civil War, when President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed that day as a day of "Thanksgiving and Praise". Since then, Thanksgiving is one of the major holidays of the year in the US.

The Turkey in the History of Thanksgiving Day

What is the symbol of the turkey in the history of Thanksgiving Day? The turkey symbolizes the gratefulness of the family for the blessings of good harvest they have reaped through the year. It is said that the bigger the turkey, the more grateful the family is towards the heavenly Father for the abundance that has been provided for them. There is an American expression that says "If there's a turkey on the table, then it's Thanksgiving Day.

A Gratitude Towards the Heavenly Father

Today, Thanksgiving Day is still celebrated in America, but due to the economy, most Americans opt to have a simple feast. But no matter how simple the dinner is, the main attraction, which is the turkey, is always there. This is the case in most lower-class American homes, they have to adjust their budgets in order to save for the coming holidays, which is also considered as one the biggest and warmest holidays in the US, the Christmas and New Year.

But the main aim of Thanksgiving celebration had not diminished and that is an expression of gratitude towards the Heavenly Father.

Thanksgiving Day, One of the Busiest Holidays in the US

Thanksgiving Day is a day of celebrating the abundance experienced by the people or community in the year that past. It has a more spiritual sense in it and a heritage that has a deeper meaning to the forefathers that celebrated the first feast. This is the reason why we celebrate it year in and out because our forefathers did so.

It is also considered as one of the busiest holidays in the US, mostly because of parades and sports games, particularly football which usually causes overcrowding and traffic. Furthermore, the day after Thanksgiving Day, called the Black Friday, is usually a day off for most schools and some companies. It is also often the biggest shopping day of the year.

So celebrate Thanksgiving Day and give thanks to God above.