Sun, 15 Jun 2014

Why Soccer is the Most Popular Sport in the World

Some soccer games are watched by up to 3.5 billion worldwide viewers. The sport occupies the first spot in major sports publications. Australia and United States of America are two of the countries that do not engage in soccer. Statistics of soccer outnumbers other sports.

Soccer Has Its Origin From Ancient China

Soccer has its origin from Ancient China. Europe developed the modern soccer game. It is an activity played in a rectangular field. Goals are located at both ends. Field players score by hitting the ball to the opposite goal. They can use any part of their body except hands and arms. Only the goalkeepers can use their hands and arms during the game to defend their goal from the opponent's ball.

Reasons Why Soccer Is Popular

The following are the reasons why Soccer is the most popular game in the world:

  • Soccer has the most number of players, about 265 million. Athletes prefer the game because of the extensive support from fans.

  • It does not require expensive equipment. The soccer cleats and ball are the two important items for the activity. Countries with limited resources can engage in the sport and participate in the global competition. The game eliminates barriers brought by economic status. Players of football need not to purchase protective gears.

  • Countries unite to represent their national team. Regardless of their origin, religion, background and political scenarios, nations come together to show support in an international meet.

  • The rules are simple and easy to grasp. Football has more complicated rules and plays. The technicalities and jargons of other sports are complex for the average viewers. Regulations in soccer have remained consistent. Rugby and football constantly modifies their policies on physical contact every season.

  • Players need skill instead of bulk and muscle. Soccer players display endurance, flexibility and speed. This makes it easier for women to engage in this game. Furthermore, the controversies involving the use of chemical boost is less in comparison to other contact sports.

  • Soccer has an Olympic stature since 1900. The committee has to approve the inclusion of football in the Olympic Games.

  • The game has global following while football is limited within North America and Australia.

  • Soccer athletes have better opportunities. They can undergo training in international camps and compete with other nations. More than 200 countries participated in worldwide cup. The professionals in the field are one of the highest paid athletes.

  • The game is uninterrupted, which makes it more appealing for both the audience and players. It has no pauses except for the halftime. Other sports take advantage of several timeout to freeze the clock, stop momentum of their rival team and strategize the play.

  • Players of soccer are less likely to have injuries compared to football team members. Report showed that football has the highest rate of injury.

  • Hosting soccer World Cup will intensify a country's economy. The world will recognize the host country due to the wide fan base.

Soccer Dominates

While there are many sports to watch and join, soccer dominates the topmost rank. The report and survey results affirm that it is the most popular. Likewise, people across nations with diverse culture have chosen soccer as their favorite sport.